Auto: Winter Driving Safety Tips

‘Tis the season for unpredictable winter weather. Keep the basics in mind when driving in hazardous conditions.

If you must be on the road during a snow storm, drive with your lights on for increased visibility and reduce your speed.

If driving during inclement winter weather, allow at least three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Always let someone else know where you’re going, your planned route and when you expect to arrive.

Allow extra time for your commute to account for unexpected traffic snarls caused by the weather.

Hayrides are a lot of fun and can be dangerous. 7 tips to keep your kids safe while riding on the hay wagon:

Own a previously owned vehicle? Or been in an accident where the airbag deployed? Your airbag system could be at risk.

When purchasing a used car, use available resources to verify the car’s history including if the airbag has ever been deployed.